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Guest Blog: Hannah Grant | 2021 Valentine’s Day Style Guide

For our February blog post, I have asked my close cousin Hannah Grant to give us some well deserved wisdom for Valentine’s Day Styling and Shopping. It just so happens to be her favorite holiday + her birthday! Take it away Hannah! (I want to note, I didn’t ask her to say anything nice!)

Do you ever want to dress well and find your own style, but just don’t know where to start? Spencer is the best personal stylist you can find! Am I being a bit biased because we are related? You can think that! But, I have secretly looked up to Spencer and his fashion sense for years. I remember being young and broke and seeing him shop at J.Crew or Lululemon hoping he would throw something in there for me! When he asked me to be a guest writer on his blog, it was a pretty easy YES! So, let’s dig in.

My name is Hannah! I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have a Mini Golden Doodle, Rider (named after Flynn Rider). We are big Disney fans over here! I have always loved all things fashion, lifestyle, traveling, beauty, etc. I’ve been following influencers for years and have always thought they had the coolest job! Sharing things they love, their outfit inspo, their lives? It always sounded so cool to me! When I say I have been following for years, I mean YEARS. I’ve sat behind the scenes watching as they did what I dreamed about doing. One day I thought if I had started years ago when I wanted to, where would I be? So, I finally started from scratch, made a new Instagram account (@hannahruth.g), and dove right in!

Enough about me, let’s get into what Spencer wanted me to talk about today: VALENTINES DAY. Are you crazy about Valentine’s Day or don’t really care? I LOVE IT. But I kind of have to because it’s also my birthday! We try to make it extra fun around here. I love the outfits, the decor, the candy! Give it all to me!! I wanted to share with you some outfit inspiration for this very special day! Whether you are going out or staying in I’ve provided you with options for both!

The first Lookbook is for the ladies! The first outfit I picked is a sweet dress and heels, paired with a cute heart necklace. This dress is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s day but it is also great for the spring and summer months as well. Those heels! And who doesn’t love a classic, black strappy look? They go with EVERYTHING. 


Women's going out style guide for 2021

Shopping Links:

Dress link 

Black Heels link 

Heart Necklace link 

Heart Sweater link 

Denim link 

White Sneaker link 

The second outfit is super casual and perfect for your more casual festivities (think Dave and Busters vs. a 5-star restaurant!). The top gives you some “lovey” flair with the sweethearts all over! Although it totally screams Valentine’s Day vibes, I feel like you could still wear this anytime. The ripped detailing gives it a super casual look and when paired with denim jeans and an everyday classic white sneaker you’ve got the perfect day or night look!

Now, what you have really been eyeing… the stay at home looks! I found so many good ones and picked my favorites, which you can find on my LikeToKnow.It or Instagram

Can you tell I love a matching set?? The gray and pink heart set screams Valentines Day as does that blue set. The real MVP here? That purple look. Purple isn’t a main Vday color but that is what makes this such a versatile look for the entire year. It also looks like an outfit you could wear out and about for errands as well, while looking stylish. I threw in some cozy $4 socks from Target and cozy slippers we all LOVE!

Women's stay in style guide for 2021

Shopping Links:

Gray/Pink Heart Set link 

Blue Heart Set link 

Purple Set link 

Slippers link 

Socks link, link

For my guys! I believe I have found the perfect looks for you! (Let’s see if I got this personal stylist gig down!)  For the first outfit, I decided to dress it up a bit. This dress shirt definitely gives  off some Valentines Day vibes, but is also perfect to incorporate into your spring wardrobe. A classic navy blue pant? We all love those! I paired it with a brown belt and matching brown leather shoe. I don’t know about you, but I love brown with navy blue on any man! 

The second look is geared to be a bit more casual. In fact, it is so casual this could be worn at any time of the year. I chose a lighter red hued sweater, with a darker denim, and a white classic van (a-la White Shoe Consulting!). My husband will be wearing this look on Valentines Day for sure!

Men's going out style guide for 2021

Shopping Links:

Dress Shirt link

Dress Pants link 

Brown Dress Shoes link

Brown Belt link

Crew Neck Sweater link

Denim link

White Vans link

For the men staying in, I did some research to find the coziest looks…by asking my husband! I wanted to know what he would choose for a cozy stay-in date on Valentines Day and he mentioned a sweat outfit. I found this perfect Nike track suit in bright red! It doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day to me, which my husband preferred but it comes in 3 other colors! Win, Win! 

Finally, I found this fun pair of heart pajama joggers and paired it with a white tee. Let’s be real, men can never have too many white tees!

Men's stay in style guide for 2021

Shopping Links:

Heart Pajama Jogger link 

White Tee link

Red Nike Hoodie link

Nike Sweats link

So there you have it, my holiday Valentine’s Day guide! I hope you enjoyed my short visit to White Shoe Consulting and that these looks fit with your Valentine’s Day plans! 

All my love,

Hannah Ruth Grant