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5 tips for Putting Your Best Self Forward on Your Tinder Date.

The world is in flux right now as cities open up and shut down just to reopen again. This hurts your dating life. This makes people lonely. What are you to do? Start swiping right! But never fear, your wardrobe consultant is here with some tricks to make sure that your date look is on point and you are putting your best foot forward!

1. Let your personality shine through!

Don’t be blah on camera wearing a navy-blue shirt that doesn’t flatter you! Have some fun. Do you have a favorite hoodie? Wear it! Do you have wild pants that you just love and hardly get to wear? Put them on! Do you have a gown from a high school dance you’ve been wanting to put back on?! Get in that gown! This is a moment to have fun, so do it. Stuck on how to achieve this? Never fear, your wardrobe consultant is here!

2. Be comfortable.

If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show on your face and in your demeanor forcing your virtual date to end with a physical shrug. I want your virtual date to stretch into the wee hours of the night, with you both chatting, laughing, and sharing your lives; so, get comfortable.

3. Wear pants!

You may want to go pantless on this date and you might also think “They’ll only see me from the waist up!” but that is often not the case. More times than not, we forget we are on camera. This is a great sign! It means you are getting comfortable and that brings the moment you might pop up and showing your bare ass… Avoid this, but only if you want to.

4. Practice with your lighting.

Nobody likes talking on camera when you can’t see the other person (queue Catfish!) Open your chatting app and practice lighting options. If you are too bright, it’ll wash you out; If it’s too dark, the person on the other side won’t see you, which can make things awkward real fast. Try using lamps instead of overhead lighting as it can be more flattering.

A camera light ring to make your face glow during your date!

5. Be prepared to show your entire self + your personal space!

Expect to give house tours, to speak to items in the background, and to share more than just yourself. Since they can’t be in your space allow them to learn more about you—by showing them your space. Explain why you picked certain items, show them your favorite pictures, and allow them to enter your world—safely.