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Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection in Fashion

Hey all! Your Denver Personal Stylist here. I have a question for you! How many times do you walk into your completely full closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!”? In the world of fast fashion, online sales, and email sales reminders it is super easy to think that we need to buy it all to keep up on the latest trend. However, you have a secret weapon, a personal wardrobe consultant.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: You do not need all those clothes. In fact, you can create an entire wardrobe made up of 10 items. Yes, only ten. This is called a Capsule Collection.

I have outlined below the steps it takes to create a capsule collection but first, what is it? The term first appeared in the 1970s by Susie Faux because she was irritated by the lack of well-made clothing. Since the ’70s many stylists and designers have put their own spin on the capsule collection. The basic idea is that you scale your closet down by 90% and only keep the clothes and accessories that you LOVE and actually want to wear.

Okay, you’re probably thinking “Yeah right! That would never work!” I’m a stylist and I thought the same thing, I used to think that the more clothes you have, the better! However, after paring down my own closet, I found that I chose items I loved and that were interchangeable. I was selective in paring down my closet and chose 10 items that interchanged with one another and create multiple outfits that well exceeded my 10-item limit.

The term item can be taken loosely. Some stylist says that includes your shoes (counted as 1 item) and accessories but that was a bit too narrow for me and seemed to narrow for my clients. So, I chose 10 clothing items to narrow down and paired my favorite shoes with them (I chose 5—don’t hate!) and I kept my accessories. What can I say? I like my watches, sunglasses, rings….

How do you go about creating a capsule collection? It is rather simple, however, utilizing a stylist can really help you be more thoughtful in your choices and help you maximize the number of looks with the limited clothing count.

Step 1: Choose all of your favorite pieces and set them aside

Step 2: Decide on a number. It can be 10, 15, 20—whatever you decide but remember that the goal is to reduce waste and shrink your closet size.

Step 3: Of your favorite pieces, which ones can create multiple outfits?

Step 4: Take pictures. Either put the clothes on or lay them out on the bed; Taking the time now to create the various looks will help you on those rushed mornings when you have to pick an outfit and get out the door!

Step 5: Donate/Sell the remainder

Step 6: Utilize your new Capsule Collection

See the Capsule Collection example below:

I am aware that on paper this series of steps seems rather easy, but it’s hard to get rid of your things! So pilot this; Create your capsule collection while keeping your other items and if the capsule isn’t for you, that is okay! But at least you took a moment to go through your closet, evaluate what you have, and potentially organize it a bit more.

I have had clients tell me that their closet doesn’t necessarily ignite excitement and that their clothes are old, tired, and out of style. The idea of a Capsule Collection extends beyond your closet! Let’s schedule an appointment to talk over your wants and needs and we can go on a personal shopping trip to create you your own, personalized Capsule Collection that is fresh, purposeful, and gives you a head start on the Fall season!