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Don’t forget your pants!

How are your zoom calls going? Have you had to have any 1:1’s with your boss? Are you preparing for an interview? Are you only dressing your upper half and neglecting your lower half? Are you finding that you forgot about pants? Well this poor guy did and I really want to help you avoid this awkwardness:

Man is on a zoom call without proper pants.

Your Fashion Consultant in Denver

From the waist up he dressed professionally, however check out that LEG! Whoops, looks like somebody has gotten too comfortable taking his calls pantless –folks, this is why you should always check-in with your fashion consultant from Denver—I will always tell you to put your pants on!

Hilarity aside, are you dressing appropriately for your video-conference calls? There is an easy and simple hack to do this…

Are you ready?

Dress like you normally would for an important meeting (see the examples below) BUT test your outfit out on camera! Some patterns, colors and accessories can become distorted and cause big distractions during your raise negotiations!

What Not To Wear:

  • Pure reds, whites, and blacks. The extremes make it difficult for the exposure to balance.
    • The reds will make you appear more red.
  • Hot pink, green, yellow, purple, orange—really any hot colors. They will make you look like you are not from this planet!
  • Colors that complement your complexion. If you are pale, white will make you look ghostly. If your skin tone is on the red side, avoid the red power tie!

Do not distract and avoid the following:

  • Loud or Dangly jewelry.
  • Reflective applications such as lip gloss.
  • Anything that is too revealing. You want all eyes on, well, your eyes!

For all of you out there, try to avoid complex patterns or stripes! It will look like your shirt or blouse is moving causing even more distraction!

So what can you wear Mr. Fashion Consultant?

  • Light Fabrics
  • Solid Colors
  • Subtle Jewelry
  • Colors that contrast such as a black suit jacket with a blue shirt/blouse.

Where this:

What to wear on Zoom calls. Plain and simpleWomen, wear clothes that are simple and plain with zero pattern.









Not this:

Super bright white will wash you out on a zoom call. Patterns will distort and distract over zoom

Please note that this is a guide and depending on the quality of the camera you are using you may or may not find this to be true! Always test your outfit with your camera before any big teleconferencing meeting.

I hope that this guide is helpful for you and that you don’t end up going viral for being caught pantless because my people never forget their pants!

One final note: Remember to keep eye contact! Yes, that means staring at the camera hole during your meeting instead of staring at the floating head on your screen!

Want to learn more? Reach out! I would be happy to help you choose your next outfit for the camera!

Your Denver Personal Stylist,



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