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Emerging Comfortably

Personal Stylist in Denver

As a personal stylist in Denver, I have missed browsing the mall and it doesn’t seem like I will be shopping in a store any time soon. As stay-at-home orders get extended, we are all getting comfier in our sweatpants. It’s common for the time between showers to grow longer and for regular “dressing” standards to go out the window. However, states are beginning to reopen and the time will come when you’re back to work without the comfort of your sweatpants.

How can you get a jump start? Well, all our habits are out the window and statewide reopenings are going to slowly occur. This gives you time to slowly emerge from your COVID-like cocoon and begin to strut your stuff!

Where should you start? With a Lookbook!

My go-to “I want to start dressing like a human but still be comfortable” outfit begins with Lululemon!

For the boys: ABC Pant Slim

ABC Pant Slim


These pants are uber comfortable. They offer four-way stretch, have smart pockets (if you don’t like carrying a wallet, the back pocket has an internal zipper that is perfect for a credit card and ID), if you roll the pants you will see reflective detailing (I need a bike!!) and they are super easy to maintain. They look good in all types of casual settings—and you’ll see me where these to all types of work conferences!

I highly recommend the blue because they will go with all sorts of your Spring/Summer looks.

For your shirt, I recommend the Commission Long Sleeve Shirt.

Commission Long Sleeve Shirt

Tip: Do a quick steam job and add a spritz of your favorite cologne to start turning heads!


This shirt is made to move. It uses sweat-wicking fabric, dries quickly, and uses No-Stink technology to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It’s a great shirt for mini travel days when laundry isn’t available. It also has a zippered pocket for even more cards!

I highly recommend the white because it is steadfast, strong, and enables your personality to shine while taking a back seat.

For the girls: Ladies have an easier time (in my opinion) dressing comfortable and professional. Just like the boys, Lulu has you covered.

I really like the Noir Pant in Gatsby Blue.

Noir Pant in Gatsby Blue


These pants are machine washable, quick-drying, and use a sleek draping to add a comfortable sophistication to your outfit. They sit higher on your waist to help give the illusion that it is smaller, finished off by the bow! The front pockets contain hidden card pockets to reduce bulk and free up your hands to do some ass-kicking.  

For your shirt, I am loving the Seek Softness Pullover in Ballet Slipper Pink. This pullover is adorable and creates a cute matching combo with the pants.

Seek Softness Pullover in Ballet Slipper Pink


This pullover has a relaxed fit and a cropped length adding to the comfort factor and enables you to wear the high-rise Noir pant. The fabric is super soft, easy to layer, and keeps you warm. Plus, it’s just cute.

Now, I hope you are all set to start migrating back into the real world with this highly comfortable “go from the bed to your office” look.

If you have specific questions about how to achieve a comfortable yet work-appropriate look, shoot me a message. I would be happy to assist whether you are local or need a virtual personal stylist!

Your Denver Personal Stylist,