The Denver Personal Stylist’s Summer Style Tips For Men!

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Dressing the season is more difficult than many men think, yet it plays such an important role in looking sharp. This guide, brought to you by White Shoe Consulting, covers three tips for men to consider upping their style game this summer. 

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image of man sporting some stylish summer fashion.

#1: Dress Up While Dressing Down

As summers tend to be very warm in Denver, getting a comfortable and weather-appropriate business-casual outfit going can be a challenge. For starters, a good go-to for bottoms are dark khaki shorts, as they are easy to dress up or down, and match just about anything. Pair those with a patterned button-up tee or rolled up long-sleeve shirt.

 image of man wearing a white button-up shirt.

#2: Get a Go-To White Short-Sleeve Button-Up

Whether you have a fun date night or a family reunion to go to, a white button-up checks all the marks. It looks clean, it’s cool, and it’s stylish. A white short-sleeve button-up shirt also works as a base canvas where adding some accessories and color looks all the more intentional and stylish.

 image of stylish man in hat and shirt with cool design in a field.

#3: Choose Slim Over Baggy

Clothes that fit properly are the way to go, in most situations. This is also true for summer.

– Shorts should be slightly above knee length
– Shirts should be well-fitting, but still, have enough room for you to breathe

image of man looking cool with a large pink background.

Let’s Make This Summer Your Most Fashionable One Yet

If you want to look your best this summer, White Shoe Consulting is here to help. We offer different style bundles to ensure you get the guidance you need to build a wardrobe that fits your body the right way and also matches the season. Schedule a consultation today with our personal stylist in Denver or set up a virtual consultation!

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