How to Dress Your Post-Covid Body

It’s Time to Get Back Out Into the World!

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With the Covid-19 pandemic finally coming to an end, it’s time for everyone to start re-engaging with society and enjoying being social again. If you’re like many people who have worked from home, had to start over, or gained or lost weight in the last year, your wardrobe may no longer be what you need for your lifestyle post-Covid. Check out our tips for dressing your body post-Covid, and reach out to White Shoe Consulting today if you’re looking for a wardrobe consultant in the Denver Metro area or virtual wardrobe consulting services.

A soft, flowy dress with a scarf and heels

Choose Comfortable Yet Flattering Fabric

If you’ve been wearing sweats, PJs, or athleisure wear for most of the year, you’re probably not ready to jump into a pantsuit or bodycon dress right away post-Covid. While these fashion choices are professional and look amazing, they may leave you feeling uncomfortable after just a few hours. Instead, look for clothing that’s made with cotton blends, jersey knit, or linen for comfortable fabrics that flatter your figure.

Rack of white and striped button-up shirts

Don’t Worry About Size

Building your post-Covid wardrobe is more about how the clothes fit you than what size they are. If you’ve gained or lost weight because of how Covid has affected your lifestyle in the last year, that’s completely normal! Don’t pressure yourself to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit because of the size on the tag. Instead, find pieces you love and fit you the way they should.

Woman in a snap-button denim top working from her kitchen counter

Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

If your career has developed into a full-time remote position or you split time between the office and working from home, don’t feel like you have to start wearing business attire every day of the week just because Covid is over. There are plenty of work-appropriate clothing options you can wear to the office and at home while still feeling comfortable and professional. If you’re not sure what this looks like, our wardrobe consultant in the Denver Metro area can help!

Wardrobe rack with animal prints, stripes, and solid black or white pieces

It’s Time for a Fresh Start

If you’re ready to revamp your wardrobe for your post-Covid life, White Shoe Consulting is here to help. We offer different style bundles to ensure you get the guidance you need to build a wardrobe that you love. Schedule a consultation today with our wardrobe consultant in the Denver Metro area or set up a virtual consultation.

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