Trends for 2021 - Pantone Color of the Year

Styling Trends of 2021

2021 is here bringing with it a new wave of relief and calm compared to the past year that we lived through. Although 2021 has shown signs of unrest, you can still breathe a sigh of relief and look rested with the hottest trends of 2021.

I’ve done some research and I feel designers are really leaning into the 2020 vibe for style inspiration: working from home!

For 2021, look out for looser cuts, high rise jeans, bright outdoor colors, and earth tones and gray jeans – yes, with gray and yellow being the Pantone colors of the year (Okay, it’s a specific “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” yellow).

Trends for 2021 - Pantone Color of the Year
The Pantone Color of the year is “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating” yellow.

Spring and Summer colors will be bright, fresh, and airy. Think Marigold, Cerulean (Yes!! Devil wears Prada!!), Green Ash, Coral, Raspberry Sorbet, Mint and the classics: Ink, Ultimate Gray, Desert Mist and Willow (Where are my T-swift fans??)

2021 graphic highlighting color trends.2021 graphic highlighting color trends.2021 graphic highlighting color trends.

The men aren’t left out either. We will be seeing high-waisted pants, a trend that the ladies have fabulously enjoyed for the last few years, and now men are here to represent! The wider and looser cuts will continue in men’s fashion, which is perfect for our COVID-era bodies and relaxing to the max. You will also be seeing Shackets (shirt + jacket)– thicker than a shirt but lighter than a jacket – which is perfect for layering and adding an additional level of comfort and dimension to your look.

Trend for 2021 - Red ShacketTrends for 2021 - Flannel Shacket

Trends for 2021 - Green Shacket Trends for 2021 - Plain Shacket

Knits and ribbed fabrics will continue for both genders. If you go this route, remember that vertical lines are going to make you seem taller and more slim. But the biggest surprise of 2021 fashion in my opinion? The rise of matching velour track suits (hello Juicy Couture) do you remember those? I do! Though I cannot stand the touch feeling of velour, I can get on the tracksuit bandwagon. I am hoping my favorites like Nike and Lululemon embrace this (albeit, I have several tracks suits from both!)

Below are the Tracksuits for men and women:

Lululemon Black Tracksuit Green Tracksuit for Men Earthy Women's Track SuitAdidas Women's Tracksuit - Coral Color

Velour Tracksuit for men and women:

Army Green Velour Women's Tracksuit Velour Men's TracksuitVelour Women's TracksuitVelour Women's TracksuitVelour Men's Tracksuit