Personal Stylist for Your Wedding

Using a Personal Stylist for Your Wedding

Do You Need a Personal Stylist for Your Wedding?

A personal stylist can help you get your look ready for your big day! As a styling expert, I have had the opportunity to pick out the perfect style for my clients.

Take Dale for example. Dale approached me via Thumbtack to help him pick out the right suit. His wedding was going to take place in sunny (and hot!) Florida in June. Dale wanted 3 things:

  • a suit that was not only comfortable and right for the conditions but one that showcased his sense of fashion.

  • Fun Pocket Squares
  • Shoes that aligned with his fashion sense

Utilizing my Look-At-Me bundle, I provided Dale with a Lookbook of personalized suits curated just for him.

White Linen Cotton Suit with shirt and pocket square examples from a fashion consultant

     3 ways to get the most out of your personal Stylist.

  1. Start Early
    • Nobody wants to feel rushed planning their wedding, that is how mistakes are made. Begin talking with your personal stylist early so that they can research the best outfits for you and it gives you time to order, try on, and tailor anything you need.
  2. Find Common Ground
    • Find one common aspect of your look to share with your spouse to add a cohesive element to your wedding.
      • You can incorporate the same colors in your accessories: Ties, Pocket Squares, Garter, Flowers, Beading, etc.
  3. Talk, a lot!
    • As a personal stylist, I am not too worried about whether or not you know what you want. What is helpful is that you talk through your thoughts–no matter how unorganized they may be.
    • Share your Pinterest Board, screenshots, etc. and talk about why you chose each outfit. A good personal stylist will listen, take notes, and begin curating the perfect look for you.

You may be wondering, how did Dale’s look turn out? Check out this handsome couple!