Bright white shoes that slip on

Why White Shoe Consulting?

This is why I named my company White Shoe Consulting. In 2019, my fiancé received a job transfer that moved our family to Denver, CO. When we got the news, we had about 6-weeks to figure out what to do with our homes in Salt Lake City, how pack and move all of our things, find a place to live, and for me to find a job.

The job search started hot but quickly fizzled out, however, I was lucky enough to work a deal with my former employer to work for 90 more days. So, I finally knew I had 90 days to find a job. The Denver job market is strong and I was getting multiple interviews, but nothing was falling into place. I kept thinking to myself, how can I stand out? That’s when I had an idea…

I found that every time I began getting ready for my interview that I would pick the same old button-down, tie, khakis, and the standard black and/or brown shoes. This is what I had come to know as “normal” interview attire, and it simply wasn’t working. I work in marketing and understand that I might need to think outside of the box when applying and interviewing for these jobs. Again, how do I stand out amongst the crowd? While I stuck with my typical interview attire, I swapped out my shoes. I began wearing white vans to my interviews. Now, these aren’t any “white vans”; they were slip-on sneakers that were always stark white, and I paid special attention to protect the color of these shoes. I constantly washed them, even spot bleaching so that they remained crisp, white, and new. Potential employers and their teams began to notice my shoes, and I became known as the “white show guy” to several potential employers. You guys, it was a matter of days until I began receiving offers from multiple employers. The white shoes had done their job!

Bright white shoes that slip on

Fashion Consulting Company

When it came time to name my new fashion consulting company, I wanted something that was different from the competition but also easy to remember. This is where White Shoe Consulting was born! This name is meaningful to me as it helped me stand out in job market, and left a lasting impact on those who met me – my goal in fashion consulting is to help you stand out, be the best you, and find your own personal style! Welcome to White Shoe Consulting!

-Your Denver Fashion Consultant